Boat on Ertholmene

There are no cars on the islands, no cars at all. But there are boats... from tiny row-boats, to fishing boats, to sailboats, and even a couple of rescue boats. Many of the locals taking part in the rescue service, whenever they are called on duty

View to Christiansoe

Walking from Christiansoe, to Frederiksoe, across the natural tiny harbor between the two islands, on an old swinging foot bridge, I turn around to look back at the largest of the islands

Freshwater pond on Christiansoe

In the old days the only water on the islands came from rain. It was carefully kept and protected in a number of ponds around the island. Boats had to bring all other water to the island from more than an hour away

The green gate by the grocery store

Behind the green doors only the locals of the islands are allowed, it protect their get-away from summer visitors and tourists. A place in the deep shadow of the store, where they can relax and catch up with each other, out of the eyes of the many day visitors

Groenningen – Christiansoe

Outside the grocery shop on the small island there is an open, sheltered small square, with short grass and tall trees. It is where everybody meetup to talk about the day and drink beer at 5 o'clock in the afternoon

The birders’ house

Back in the 1990s when I started painting watercolors on Christiansø, this little granite schack was the strict domain of the birders... it was years before the campsite took it over

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