Christiansoe kiosk

The kiosk on Ertholmene – the place where the youth often hangs out

Watercolor, drawing and text by Frits Ahlefeldt

illustration of the Kiosk on ertholmene, Christiansoe
The Kiosk on Christiansoe ( Ertholmene) is a popular place for the youth in the evenings

On Ertholmene there is a small shop selling burgers, pizza, ice cream and souvenirs etc. to tourists in the daytime, and in the evening the local youth come around, sometimes alone, sometime with their parents to get an ice scream or grab some fast-food

Especially on the day after Ertholmene’s huge Summer carnival (end of July) the kiosk can be a very busy place, but on most days it is where the young often linger with their friends and smartphones.

The kiosk is beside a stairway, leading up to the hill with the lighthouse on Ertholmene

(The Kiosk article here is part of my research sketching up important social places on Ertholmene and in small communities in general )

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